Teardrop Trailer Kit

Teardrop Trailer Kit

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Teardrop Trailer Kit:

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Our Teardrop Trailer Kit was designed to take the most difficult parts of building a Teardrop Trailer and make them as easy for you as possible. Your kit will include two sidewalls cut from hand selected pre-finished birch wood. The sidewalls have precut indents for the cross support bars, interior roof channels, kitchen walls and doors. The door cutouts have been cut to accommodate pre-made doors, which can be purchased on . If you choose to make your own doors the woodcut outs will also be provided.

The Kit also includes an 8 piece Easy Assemble Hatch Kit. The Hatch consists of 8 interlocking pieces, which take all the guesswork out of designing a durable and strong hatch.

All of our kits are made to fit on a standard 5ft x 8ft trailer.

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Included Items

Go to our website (www.TheTeardroppers.com) to contact us about ordering in bulk.

* Aluminum siding available for Additional fee


The kit will be shipped freight and requires at least 10-15 business days of handling/manufacturing time and an additional estimated 5 business days for delivery.

Please note, due to size, weight, anddimensionalweight charges, our kits must be shipped to a local terminal for pickup. If you are unable to pick up from a terminal, please contact us BEFORE purchasing a kit to discuss other options.

We look forward to doing business with you.

Teardrop Trailer Kit:

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